Tuesday, 18 October 2011

From Superwoman to Superwrinkled... all in the same card :)

Okay, once again I'm A LOT late in showing off my work and I sooo wish I had a better excuse than work... Oh well! :P

So here it is, my man's granny's birthday card:

open it up and here's Supermémé:

and the final surprise inside:


I made the border on the inside to fit with the one on the outside so that when you close it in 2:

Obviously, the humor came from my man but the stamps were from: superwoman: Kenny K. Downloads and the other 2 from a great place called Imag-e-nation where they have the funniest elderly stamps ever!

So that's it for now!

Thanx for visiting and leaving a quick hello!!

Busy-busy-busy Noukie :D

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