Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Petites Mignonnes!

Enfin! je peux partager mes 2 petites mignonnes avec vous! J'avais d'abord fait celle-ci pour ma pseudo-nièce Chloé qui aura 2 ans dans quelques jours (pseudo car quand ça fait presque 30 ans que tu es amie avec sa mère, c'est plus qu'une amie, c'est de la famille!!)

J'ai utilisé une image de Gillian Roberts que j'ai trouvé sur Simon Says Stamp que j'ai embossé avant de colorié avec mes Prismacolor. Les papiers de couleurs sont tous de mon carnet Itsy Bitsy Baby Girl de K&Company. 

Après l'avoir terminé, il me restait un brouillon de l'étampe et je n'arrivais pas à la ranger dans mes enveloppes. J'ai donc créé celle-ci:

Les papiers sont de la même collection... J'aime beaucoup la douceur et la simplicité de ces 2 cartes. J'ai du me chicaner avec moi-même plusieurs fois pour ne pas rajouter d'autres embellissements, je les voulais le plus simple possible et je crois avoir bien réussi!

Bonne fête ma belle Chloé!!!

Maintenant, il ne me reste plus qu'à trouver l'inspiration pour confectionner la carte de ma grande qui aura 10 ans le 02 août :)  Je ne le dirai jamais assez souvent, le temps passe TELLEMENT vite!! Il faut profiter de chaque moment! Ce qui me rappelle que mon retour au travail arrive à grands pas: lundi prochain, déjà! Allez hop la grande, au travail!! LOL!

Bonne journée à vous tous!
Noukie xxx


Wow! What a week! My 29 years and going BFF (when you have a 10 year old girl, you end up talking in the strangest ways...) spent 2 nights with her lovely hubby and 2 girls here in my used-to-be tidy house :) lol! So basically, after spending a whole week in crutches and doing NOTHING in the cleaning category, I spent a whole day washing every nook and cranny of my 3-floor house and then... POOF! just like magic, every spec of dust and dirt managed their way back into their original positions and are now staring at me with a wide smirk going «HA! HA!» Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time and I especially loved spending time with my pseudo-nieces (and my own 2 rascals) while their parents spent the day at a spa. So WOYWW today? a lot more kids' crafts than my own :)

At a glance: my daughter's BFFFFFF's (lol) scrapbook pages which she forgot to take home, my never-ending to-do list, a beautiful digi stamp from Mo Manning (Sam in Trouble) which I  plan on using tonight to make a birthday card, my huge and much-loved cup of coffee to help me through my clean-up duties, and finally, my daugter's birthday gift: the Mod smashbook which she has started to alter :)

At first, I wasn't sure if it was something that she would like but when I showed her the intro video by K & Company : here , she went bananas and decided she wanted not only the Mod book but ALL the accessories too :)

a few pages she added :)

So off I go to do some fun! chores..... for those who may be in doubt, Yes! I'm sarcastic! lol! That is, after I post about the birthday card I made for the youngest of my friend's daughters who will turn 2 in a few days :) so be sure to visit a little later to have a peak :)

Oh! and why not visit Julia's Stamping Ground where you can sneak a peak at others' WOYWW? here but I warn you! It's addictive! :)

Thanx again for encouraging my madness and leaving a little piece of your own in the comment section ;P

Noukie xxx

Friday, 22 July 2011


Just a quick page that I made with the Forever in Time: Glitter Garden paper collection.

I used the back-side of a page which was completely mat and cut-out the butterflies from the other side (of a second copy of the same paper.... obviously... lol) I also added some shine by using my Versamark pen and embossing some faint swirls that were already in the background all around the page.

 The green strip says: Love is the best gift in my life.... but we can't make it out on the picture. I also added a little liquid pearls and stickles for detail, cause you can never have enough shine and sparkle :)

Now off I go to make some August Birthday cards... Seems like all the kids I know were born in August :) LOL!  Including my oldest for whom I purchased a digi stamp from Mo's which is truly representative of my soon-to-be 10 year-old. Can't wait to share :)

More to come soon :)

Thanx for visiting!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


What a wonderful thing that is «What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday?» especially for someone, like me, who absolutely loves to spy on other people's projects, desks, and messes :) So, obviously, I was feeling a little cheap doing all the spying without letting anyone see my own mes... I mean creative space ;) so here it is:

 The crutch is to summarize my past week.... I accidentally tore a ligament in my foot last Wednesday. Ironically, this is how I ended up on WOYWW in the first place, since without my injury, I most definitely would not have been bloghopping on THE most beautiful days of the summer....

 The first few days of crutch-life, I spent making mini-albums with my mini helpers. My daughter and her friend were kind enough to spend the day with me to help with little Jake. (once again blogger simply loves to change the orientation of my pics...) These mini-albums are a great way to use paper scraps and to make 10 year-old girls really happy :)

And now, I'm «working» on a page just to pass the time until I get well enough to drive to my favorite craft store Collimagination Touj' Ours. I bought this chipboard mini-album a while back and looking through my paper decided I deserved a little candy :) hihihi!

Thanks a million Julia for letting us all be little «voyeurs» :)

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I'm Back!!!!! Woohoo!!!

So glad to be back! After our successful move into our new house, a costly visit to Ikea, a much too long postal strike (even 2 days is too long when you're expecting a package from Simon Says Stamp!! lol) and a few computer mishaps... I can finally sit back and create a little before going back to work in 2 weeks (unfortunately, mat-leave has its limits!). So here's a little something I made for the oldest of the 5 tiny musketeers from my Belly Club :) Happy Birthday Malik!

and the inside view:

This adorable image is from Pink Cat Studio, you can purchase it in digital or (as I did) in the unmounted rubber version. I also used the Splotchy stamps from The Greeting Farm. All the stamps were embossed with clear powder for shine and dimension, and I used a little Stickles and Liquid Pearls for details.

I'm so glad to share this morning that I'm not even going to bother looking up challenges to enter :)

Can't wait to read your comments! Thanx again for encouraging my madness!