Wednesday, 20 July 2011


What a wonderful thing that is «What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday?» especially for someone, like me, who absolutely loves to spy on other people's projects, desks, and messes :) So, obviously, I was feeling a little cheap doing all the spying without letting anyone see my own mes... I mean creative space ;) so here it is:

 The crutch is to summarize my past week.... I accidentally tore a ligament in my foot last Wednesday. Ironically, this is how I ended up on WOYWW in the first place, since without my injury, I most definitely would not have been bloghopping on THE most beautiful days of the summer....

 The first few days of crutch-life, I spent making mini-albums with my mini helpers. My daughter and her friend were kind enough to spend the day with me to help with little Jake. (once again blogger simply loves to change the orientation of my pics...) These mini-albums are a great way to use paper scraps and to make 10 year-old girls really happy :)

And now, I'm «working» on a page just to pass the time until I get well enough to drive to my favorite craft store Collimagination Touj' Ours. I bought this chipboard mini-album a while back and looking through my paper decided I deserved a little candy :) hihihi!

Thanks a million Julia for letting us all be little «voyeurs» :)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Pretty shelves. Hope you're out of crutches soon!

  2. Oh Poor you ! thats really painful ,hope you are back on your feet soon.
    fabby workspace x

  3. Hello! Thanks for the peek into your crafty world! I love the shelves you have & I wished i had more Ribbon on reels now!!! They look eisier to store then lengths....Thanks for the visit!

  4. Cute little albums, the flowery page is really pretty. Hope you're not hopping around for too long :D xx

  5. Ah, we get y'all in the end us WOYWWers! Delightful to see you here, am sorry you're injured though - really hard with a baby to care for. The girls' albums are lovely..I bet you're all inspired and feeling good because they used up some stash. Go replace and enjoy - I must say, just by the name your go to store sounds fab!

  6. What a great space! Thanks for sharing and such pretty mini-albums! Hope you're off the crutches soon. ;-)

  7. Ouch! That sounds like it hurts! I'm so glad you jumped in to share your space with us!!! It looks like lots of fun stuff going on!

  8. Welcome!! It gets a bit addictive...Sorry to hear about your accident, but on the plus side you found us and by the look of it managed to do some great crafting.


  9. i hope you are all better by now. those mini albums are great and i'm sure quite enjoyable to make. no, i don't think your desk is messy at all. that is what mine looks like when it is clean!


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