Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flexmarkers... How I love Thee!!

You know how they say, "Never say never!", well I should probably have listened.

When I first started scrappin' I was in it for the scrapbook pages because "card-making wasn't my thing"... LOL!
Then it was, "Bigshot machine, who needs a Bigshot machine?"... second-time LOL!
And lately I was like, "Whoa! alcohol-based markers are way out of my league, I will NEVER get into those!" :)
So what changed my mind? Simple laziness! I had just inked a few stamps and was basically too lazy to take out my prismacolors and blending tools... So, long story short, Youtube introduced me to Flexmarkers and Letraset just happend to have a 40% (now 50%) sale... Briefly, here I am waiting for my second order to arrive this week to feed my new addiction :)

Here is my first Flexmarker image (Mo manning's Bunny with Gift):

you may notice the 4 12-marker sets in the background...
A little closer:
Obviously, I need to be more careful with the bleeding to make sure I don't pass over the lines as much, but I am just so proud of my first shading experience :) Isn't he just lovely?
The moral of this story? NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! Lol!
Thanks for visiting and encouraging my madness (which just keeps growing!),
Noukie xx


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unworthy Blogger...

So I admit it, 2012 was a real blog Fail! I have no excuses, other than not using my camera much and not organizing the only few pictures I took until December :) So I'll try to make it up to my few followers by posting at least once a month this year. The important word is "try"! lol!

So let's start with a few Christmas cards... This year I had a very hard time getting my mojo started so I "scrap-pinterest-lifted" most of my christmas cards, like this one for instance:

My only personal touch was the nose :)

There was also this one, which was originally created by Jen Nelson at The Tiny Blue Butterfly which is a great space to get inspired! The original was monochromatic, I only added a little color to it...

And then, there was this one:

If I don't mention the names of the original creators, it's simply because I can't find them, but the credit is all their's ... and be assured, these cards were for the sole purpose of making my family and friends happy :)

Fortunately, at some point, I finally had a little fun of my own and created this baby:

I used a great technique (which I also found on Pinterest) to add the glitter to my stamped snowflakes. It was quite easy, I covered the whole image in Versamark and then with heat emboss powder from SU... added the glitter, re-heated a little and Voilà!

Since then, I've been scrappin' like crazy! But I won't show all today, I'm saving the rest for later :)

Thanx again for encouraging my madness; it keeps me sane :)

Noukie xx