Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unworthy Blogger...

So I admit it, 2012 was a real blog Fail! I have no excuses, other than not using my camera much and not organizing the only few pictures I took until December :) So I'll try to make it up to my few followers by posting at least once a month this year. The important word is "try"! lol!

So let's start with a few Christmas cards... This year I had a very hard time getting my mojo started so I "scrap-pinterest-lifted" most of my christmas cards, like this one for instance:

My only personal touch was the nose :)

There was also this one, which was originally created by Jen Nelson at The Tiny Blue Butterfly which is a great space to get inspired! The original was monochromatic, I only added a little color to it...

And then, there was this one:

If I don't mention the names of the original creators, it's simply because I can't find them, but the credit is all their's ... and be assured, these cards were for the sole purpose of making my family and friends happy :)

Fortunately, at some point, I finally had a little fun of my own and created this baby:

I used a great technique (which I also found on Pinterest) to add the glitter to my stamped snowflakes. It was quite easy, I covered the whole image in Versamark and then with heat emboss powder from SU... added the glitter, re-heated a little and Voilà!

Since then, I've been scrappin' like crazy! But I won't show all today, I'm saving the rest for later :)

Thanx again for encouraging my madness; it keeps me sane :)

Noukie xx

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