Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WOYWW? #150

What's more fun than participating in Julia's WOYWW? Getting to share my newly updated workspace of course!!

 After the sad death of our laptop, my Man and I purchased this absolutely extraordinary 22-inch screen computer (that's what happens when you work on a tiny 6-inch notebook for too but when we brought it home, we were a little surprised to see how small my desk seemed to be underneath all that screen :) So off to Ikea we went! (I have to say that Ikea is a 2.5-hour drive from our house...)

HIHIHI!!! After finding TOO many options, we finally chose to go with the 3-foot table which is where I put my printer and Big Shot. We also got a few knick-knacks like the little white, metal shelf that I put over my candy jars on the top shelf. As well as this great 3-drawer, basket-type storage unit which fits perfectly underneath the new table:

Can you believe it was only 14.99$ ????  ...I should have gotten 2.... lol! I finally have a sweet place to hide my ribbon spools and all my stamps.

But the GREATEST THING EVER!! Was the shoe storage unit that my wonderful Man found for me!!!

The size is absolutely PERFECT to store all my paper, my magazines, and more! It's simply BRILLIANT!!!  Thanks Babe! A little storage is a ll a girl needs to be overly hyper for at least a month :)

And finally, something that just made my heart smile a little while back...

  (sorry, Blogger won't download the right orientation...)

Sometimes life has the most subtle ways of sending you love :)

If you're at all curious about WOYWW? just give Julia a visit at: The Stamping Ground.

So thanx again for encouraging my madness!!!

Hugs, Noukie


  1. Fabulous space - very organised!

  2. Wow super desk and storage! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

  3. Isnt Ikea just the most wonderful shop! Love your workspace. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 5

  4. first of all, that is one neatly organized desk!
    second, what a great idea to use a shoe storage as paper and scrap storage!
    i will definitly use your pictures to convince my hubby i need one of those ;)
    have a happy week!

  5. What a tidy organised area you have - enjoy using the big screen - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  6. Well well, you got a bargain and a new table...I'm thinking you'll soon move the printer off there and use it as a working surface - specially when someone else wants to sit at the computer while you want to use the desk! What a great partner..a long old drive and a good find..the shoe bin is just great!

  7. I am loving your new Ikea goodies, aren't they just the best for kitting out a craft room and the shoe cupboard is just too clever for words! Love the potato too. Regards, Anne #30

  8. Child, you are the girl I never had! Love, love, love! I'll be back. Darnell 150

  9. Love the new desk... it's fab... and the heart potato. enjoy your new space, Hugs May x x x No2

  10. That shoe bin is the perfect storage for your papers - perhaps you need to suggest that use to IKEA. they need different marketing ploys! The heart potato made me smile, don't you just love it when great chance things like that happen??
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx
    PS Read some of your earlier posts and I love the one of you and your baby girl, so gorgeous!

  11. Never thought of using a shoe storage rack that way - great idea!! Love that potato too! *Rachel #165

  12. Great new desk and what a clever use of shoe storage too, thanks for sharing

    Lisa #112

  13. Looks like the drive was worth it, your desk is perfect and looks like it belongs. Now that heart potatoe is a sign from above, treasure it.

    Eliza #103

  14. I have the same desk and skinny drawers! LOVE that idea for the shoe rack though and loved the potato too! Getting around everyone eventually. Happy WOYWW #45


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