Monday, 2 April 2012

Simply Unworthy...

Okay, I must admit, I am such an unworthy Blogger! I post.... sometimes.... I comment..... rarely..... I storytell..... never..... AND I don't even notice when I have new followers.... So totally UNWORTHY!!  And yet, I have 2 new followers on my long list of 7... :P  thanx to Prisca G. and Thecrazycrafter for joining me in my paper frenzy :) I make no promises but I will tell you one thing..... nah! still not much interesting to say! LOL! So take a peek at whatever pleases you and leave a happy face once in a while, that'll definitely make me feel even cheaper... hihihi!

Enough with the blabla`s... Here's a little page duo I made this month.

The pictures were printed on regular white printer paper which makes for a horrible quality but 10 and a half years ago, we thought it was pretty cool!! I would have them re-printed but unfortunately, they're the only existing copies... My baby girl was only a few hours old on those!!!

Isn't she adorable?? the pink flower-print paper is from forever in Time and I used my Splotchy stamps from The greeting farm.

Completely exhausted but so proud!!

I made all the flowers myself using a heart punch and a little ink, added a few pearls and Voilà! gotta love paper hydrangeas.... hygrangeas.... hmmmm spelling-block :)

Once again, thanx a million for visiting!
Noukie xx

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